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 41 10 Points for being Effective and Proactive Branch Officer!
Date 2004/04/09
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File Link 10Points-Amitabh.pdf

 42 Make things simple to happen
Date 2004/04/08
We IRSME officials have to work to make things simple to happen at least in our own domain of activities, without bothering about others. If we cannot solve a problem, let us avoid becoming a problem ourselves. This message will become more relevant after reading my thoughts on this issue, which I believe can solve the basic issue of non-deliverance, which this country is faced with.
File Link MakeSimple-AshwaniLohani.pdf

 43 Innovative Changes for Progress of Indian Railways in the 21st Century
Date 2004/04/08
This paper suggests innovative changes for progress of Indian Railways in the 21st century. These cover different areas including modern business vision, market orientation, new technology and materials, development of alternate fuels, strategies for managerial competency, development of the individual and the organization and managing for the future. Implementation of the suggestions will drive the revenues, cut costs and improve the operating ratio of IR.
File Link InnovativeRaviKochak.pdf

 44 Comparative Promotional Prospects for HAG(all Departments)
Date 2004/04/08
Enclosed herewith is a statement on Comparative Promotional Prospects for H.A.G. (Department-wise). The statement though does not require any explanation, being clear by itself, however, the column “ of the same batch” contains the number of offices belonging to the batch of the junior most person shown in first main column and not yet promoted to HAG and (S) below indicates the number of officers superceded.
The statement is indicative of the fact that there is vide difference in promotional prospects of various deptts. As much as that while officers of 1968 batch of Mechanical & Store deptt. have not yet been fully covered, the officers of Civil Engineering, S&T, Personnel deptt. of even 1974 batch have already been covered. In order to bring all deptts. at par, we shall require 101 officers of Mechanical and 45 officers of Traffic deptt to be promoted to HAG. However, presently, the normal guide lines of trying to keep the difference in promotion maximum by 2 batches, only are also being violated. In my opinion, till this is normalized, at least the ex cadre posts of AGMs, ADG/RDSO, etc. should be filled by those deptts who are behind others. The depiction of variation in promotional prospects is planned to be shown in different way (graphical way) in my subsequent presentations.

File Link HAG-Bansal.pdf

 45 Vision 2010
Author S.K.Luthra
Date 2004/04/08
This small presentation was prepared for a seminar on the subject of “ Vision 2010 for Mechanical Department” arranged by Northern Railway in Delhi on 5th May 2000 and attended by the then AM/ME Shri Dhasarathy. My CME, with whose permission this was presented was Shri P.N. Garg, presently MM.
File Link Vision2010SKLuthra.pdf

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