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 1 Railways' sponsored Masters Degree at IITs and IIMs: Scheme for Officers
Order No 2013/E(TRG)/37/3
Issued By RB
Issue Date 03/09/2014
Board have approved a scheme for allowing two officers per Service per year for a period of five years to undertake Masters degree courses in IITs and IIMs. The Centralised Training Institutes (CTIs) of Indian Railways may contact the IITs/IIMs in their respective areas of specialization and initiate the process to enter into agreements/ Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with them.
For further details, please view the file attached below.
 File link RB_Master_Degree_IIT_IIM_03-09-2014.pdf

 2 Guidelines for Seeking Permission to Travel by Private Airlines
Order No Various
Issued By MoCA
Issue Date 27/02/2014
Click the link below to view the guidelines issued by Ministry of Civil Aviation, Government of India, on the subject.
 URL link
 URL link
 URL link

 3 Provision of laptops to officers
Order No 2011/C&IS/Committee/ Laptops/Pt.II
Issued By RB
Issue Date 23/01/2012
Latest Policy letter superceding earlier letters on the subject is attached
 File link Laptop_Policy_Letter_23012012.PDF

 4 Foreign Training & Establishment Circulars of the DoPT
Order No Various
Issued By DoPT
Issue Date 20/02/2012
Various circulars by the DoPT (including on foreign training) can be found at the following links
 URL link
 URL link
 URL link
 URL link

 5 Guide on the Right To Information Act 2005
Order No 1/4/2009-IR
Issued By DoPT
Issue Date 28/04/2010

A consolidated updated Guide on the Act has been prepared by the DoPT which would help all the stake-holders -information seekers in getting information, public information officers in dealing with the RTI applications, first appellate authorities in taking cogent decisions on appeals and the public authorities in implementing various provisions of the Act in right earnest. A copy of the RTI guide (taken from DoPT webite) can be downloaded from the link below. The website for RTI is also available below.

 File link 1_4_2009-IR.pdf
 URL link

 6 Blueprint for Railway Electrification
Order No 2010/PL/9/10
Issued By RB
Issue Date 04/04/2011
Please view the link below for details.
 URL link

 7 Various useful circulars related to Railnet/ Broadband/ Wireless/ CUG/ Mobile
Order No Various
Issued By RB
Issue Date 18/09/2011

Following are few of the useful circulars regarding Broadband/ Wireless/ Railnet/ Email/ CUG etc. A brief description of the ciculars is given below, which are available in the links given below:

1. Wireless/ Broadband facility for residence of Officers:
2. Cordless phones for SG/ JAG officers at Residence
3. Retention of Mobile handphones.
4. Provision of Mobile CUG on Indian Railways
5. Using Mobile During Deputation Abroad
6. Railnet Connectivity in Railway undertakings
7. Only Railnet for Email Official Communication
8. Email Ids in domain
9. Provision of Railnet connection in all offices of IR

 File link Broadband_facility_for_residence_RB_Tele_2_2010.pdf
 File link Cordless_phones_for_SG_JAG_officers_RB-Tele-5-2010.pdf
 File link
 File link Only_Railnet_for_Email_Official_Communication_RB-Tele-4-2011.pdf
 File link Provision_of_Mobile_CUG_on_Indian_Railways_RB-Tele-01-2011.pdf
 File link Provision_of_Railnet_connection_in_all_offices_of_IR_RB-Tele-7-2011.pdf
 File link Railnet_Connectivity_in_Railway_undertakings_RB-Tele-03-2011.pdf
 File link Retention_of_Mobile_handphones_RB-Tele-6-2010.pdf
 File link Using_Mobile_During_Deputation_Abroad_RB-Tele-02-2011.pdf

 8 Committee for USRBL Project
Order No ERB-I/2011/23/24
Issued By RB
Issue Date 21/06/2011
Ministry of Railways (Railway Board) have decided to constitute a committee to review the existing incentives available to the staff/ officers connected to the USRBL project consisting of the following:
(1). Executive Director/ Project (M), Railway board- Convener
(2). Executive Director/ E(RRB), Railway Board- Member
(3). Executive Director/ Finance (Estt), Railway Board- Member

2. The terms of reference of the committee will be as under:-
(i) To review the existing incentives available to the staff/ officers connected to the USRBL Project;
(ii) To examine and recommend whether quantum of the existing incentives should be enhanced; and
(iii) To examine and recommend as to what additional incentives may be given to the staff/ officers of USRBL Project in order to attract best possible manpower to the USRBL project.

3. The Headquarter of the committee will be at New Delhi.

4. The committee will submit its report within a period of one month from the date of its constitution.

5. The committee and Members of the Committee will be eligible to draw TA/ DA as per extant rules.

 9 Provision of laptops to officers in lieu of desktops
Order No Various
Issued By RB
Issue Date 30/03/2011
Various circulars issued by Railway Board on the subject are indicated below:
 File link laptop.pdf
 File link laptop_14_100809.pdf
 File link Provision_Laptops_300311.pdf

 10 Non-Functional Upgradation (NFU) for Officers of Organised Group 'A' Services
Order No AB-14017_16_2010-Estt.(RR).pdf
Issued By DoPT
Issue Date 10/06/2010

Clarification regarding the referencing of Batch towards Non Functional Upgradation (NFU) for Officers of Organised Gr A Services in PB-3 and PB-4 has been issued by the Department of Personnel and Training vide the attached circular.

 URL link
 File link AB-14017_16_2010-Estt.(RR).pdf

 11 Clarification on Children education allowance
Order No 12011/03/2008-Estt.(Allowances)
Issued By DoPT
Issue Date 23/11/2009
Clarification on the reimbursement for expenditure on the education of school going children has been issued by the Department of Personnel & Training (DoPT).
Members may like to view the attached file below for details.
 File link 12011_03_2008-Estt.(Allow).pdf

 12 Leave encashment by Central Government Employees as per VI pay commission recommendations
Order No 14028/3/2008-Estt.(L)
Issued By DoPT
Issue Date 16/11/2009
The circular regarding recommendations of the Sixth Central Pay Commission relating to encashment of leave in respect of Central Government employees, issued by the Department of Personnel and Training is attached below.
 File link 14028_3_2008-Estt.(L).pdf

 13 File notings to be disclosed under RTI
Order No 1/20/2009-IR
Issued By DoPT
Issue Date 23/06/2009
As per the latest circular of DoPT,file notings are to be disclosed under RTI Act 2005. Details may be seen in the file link below.
 File link 1_20_2009_IR_1.pdf

 14 Purchase of Notebook/Laptops
Order No I(15)/E.II(A)/2009
Issued By Finance Ministry
Issue Date 26/05/2009
Policy on purchase of laptops/notebook computers for officers liberalised by the Finance Ministry.
Please see the attached file for complete details.
 File link laptopnbook260509.pdf

 15 Modified Assured Career Progression Scheme for Central Govt Civilian Employees
Order No 35034/3/2008-Estt.(D)
Issued By DoPT
Issue Date 19/05/2009
Please see the attched file for complete details.
 File link 35034_3_2008-Estt.(D).pdf

 16 Implementation of Non Functional Upgradation of Officers in PB-3 and PB-4
Order No AB-14017_64_2008-Estt.(RR)
Issued By DoPT
Issue Date 21/05/2009
As recommended by the 6 Central Pay Commission, the orders for implementation of scheme for Non Functional Upgradation of Officers in PB-3 and PB-4 have been issued by the Government.
The details which indicate the dates and the affected batches are also attached below.

For further details, please download copy of orders from the link given below.
 File link 6cpc/14017_64_2008-Estt.(RR)0001.pdf
 File link 6cpc/AB-14017_64_2008-Estt.(RR).pdf

 17 Revised guidelines for deputation of Group 'A' Officers
Order No Various
Issued By DoPT
Issue Date 25/02/2009
The revised guidelines for deputation of Central Government Employees, issued by Department of Personnel & Training is attached below. This includes the guidelines for deputation, the maximum tenure of deputation over entire service in case of foreign service, cooling off period, and also the Proforma promotion under the next below rule.
1) Circular no AB-14017/89/2007-Estt(RR) dated 02 January 2008
2) Circular no 6/7/2003-Estt(Pay II) dated 07 January 2008.
3) Circular no AB-14017/2/07-Estt(RR) dated 29 February 2008.
4) Circular no 31/20/2008-EO(MM-I) dated 05 September 2008.
5) Circular no 2/6/2009-Estt. (Pay II) dated 25 February 2009

The above guidelines have been compiled from the website of Department of Personnel & Training.
 URL link
 File link 2_6_2009-Estt.(Pay-II).pdf
 File link 31_20_2008-EO(MM-I)-B.pdf
 File link 6_7_2003_Estt(Pay_II)_Eng.pdf
 File link AB_14017_2_07_Estt(RR).pdf
 File link AB_14017_89_2007_Estt(RR).pdf

 18 Revised codal life of assets
Order No 2002/AC-II/1/10
Issued By RB
Issue Date 24/05/2006
Members may like to go through the copy of Railway Board circular regarding Revised codal life of assets, link for which is given below.
 URL link

 19 Various circulars on IT including sanction of PCs
Order No Various
Issued By RB
Issue Date 16/03/2009

A soft copy of the various IT circulars issued by Railway Board is available on the internet. Members may like to see the link given below for the relevant circular (including those regarding the sanction of PCs etc).

 URL link
 URL link

 20 Anomaly Committee for 6 CPC recommendations
Order No 11/2/2008-JCA
Issued By DoPT
Issue Date 04/02/2009
Government has setup the anomaly Committee of the National Council (JCM) to settle the anomalies arising out of the implementation of the Sixth Pay Commission's recommendations.
For further details please visit the following link:
 URL link

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