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 1 Lal Bahadur Shastri Award for technical writing in Hindi, 2012 awarded
 Concerning  Shri Lokesh Singh, IRSME of NR  in   (2014/09/10)
Shri Lokesh Singh, IRSME, Senior Divisional Mechanical Engineer (Carriage & Wagon) Lucknow received the Lal Bahadur Shastri Award for his book in Hindi.
For further details please view the attached file.
 File link LokeshSingh_IRSME_Award-11-02-2014.pdf

 2 Appeal to support the bereaved family of Shri J K Singh, SAG/IRSME 1989
A contributory program to support the bereaved family of Shri J K Singh, SAG/IRSME 1989, who has left for his heavenly abode on 29-06-2014, has been launched by the IRSME Association.
An appeal from General Secretary of the Association to Railway officers from all departments is attached for consideration and necessary action please.
For further details, please contact:
Shri Shailendra Singh,
Executive Director ME(Coaching),
Railway Board,
New Delhi.

Shri Ajit Panda,
General Manager (Mech),
Rail Vikas Nigam Ltd
 File link Appeal-JKSingh-08-07-2014.pdf

 3 Prashant Kumar Singh represents IR TA before the President of India
Captain Prashant Kumar Singh participated and presented the tableau from Railway’s side in Prime minister’s Territorial Army Day parade on October 4 in Parade Ground Delhi. He is the only officer to have received the General Manager Railway Award on the recommendation of Territorial Army. He represented Indian Railway Territorial Army before the President of India, Pratibha Devi Singh Patil, at the ‘Calling On the President’ that was held at Rashtrapati Bhawan on 13.10.2011.
For further details, please see the link below.
 URL link

 4 Ms Rashmi Chowdhary, wife of Shri Nitin Chowdhary, IRSME 1986 receives Mario Escobar Award
 Concerning  Ms Rashmi Chowdhary of RDSO  in   (2009/07/08)
Ms Rashmi Chowdhary, PhD, wife of Shri Nitin Chowdhary, IRSME 1986 was awarded the Mario Escobar Award for her paper at the 25th Clinical Virology Symposium 2009. Seminar was held by the Pan American Society of Clinical Virologists (PASCV) at Daytona Beach Florida recently. Abstract of her paper can be found at the link given below.

She is currently working with the WHO on Polio eradication project at SGPGIMS, Lucknow as the Head of Virology Laboratory. She has also identified, after extensive physical surveillance, new viruses in the environment of Lucknow that are very similar to Poliovirus. Eleven of these are now patented in her name in GenBank.

For further details, please contact:
Shri Nitin Chowdhary,
CWE/W Rail Wheel Factory,
Yelahanka, Bangalore

 URL link

 5 Shri Shatrunjay Krishna, ex IRSME 1999, appointed Senior Advisor, Ministry of Education, UAE Government
Shri Shatrunjay Krishna, ex IRSME 1999, who left Railways after completing his MBA, has recently been appointed as Senior Advisor, Ministry of Education, UAE Government. As indicated by him, he is possibly the highest ranking Indian in the Ministry and equivalent to the role of Director in rank.
He would be advising the Ministry in wide ranging education sector reforms aimed at elevating educational standards. He has also been advising on sectoral reforms in the Asia Pac + Africa region with the World Bank, DFID, ADB for quite some time now.
For further details please contact him on email id

 6 Ms Manisha Goel, IRSME 2000, joins IIM-Lucknow
Ms Manisha Goel, IRSME 2000, South Eastern Railway, joins Post Graduate Programme in Management (PGP) at IIM-Lucknow, for the session 2008-10.

 7 Paper on ‘Design And Development Of Double Helix Fuel Injection Pump For Four Stroke V-16 Rail Traction Diesel Engine’ accepted by by American society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME), USA
 Concerning  Sh A.K. Kathpal, IRSME, Sh Anirudh Gautam, IRSME, IIT/Kanpur, MICO-BOSCH of IR  in   (2008/04/03)
Engine Development Directorate of RDSO worked on the project of 'DESIGN AND DEVELOPMENT OF DOUBLE HELIX FUEL INJECTION PUMP FOR FOUR STROKE V-16 RAIL TRACTION DIESEL ENGINE' in association with IIT, Kanpur and MICO, Bangalore. The efforts resulted in adoption of above pump design in ALCO locomotives.

A paper was, thereafter, written on the above design and development by A.K. Kathpal, Executive Director and Anirudh Gautam, Director of Engine Development Directorate of RDSO and was accepted by ASME for presentation in 2007 Fall Technical Conference (ICEF2007) organised by Internal Combustion Engine Division of ASME. The above Conference has been held from October 14 to 17, 2007 at Charleston, South Carolina, USA and the above paper has been presented in the above Conference. The paper has been well accepted by the audience.

The copy of paper, which is copyright of ASME is attached here. Please click the link given below to view the complete article.

For further details, please contact:

Sh A.K.Kathpal
Addl. Divisional Railway Manager
Izzatnagar Division
North Eastern Railway
Bareilly , Uttar Pradesh
India - 243122

Tel: (Off.) 0581-2547217
(Res.) 0581-2410150
(Mob.) 9415608428
(Fax) 0581-2515946
 File link ICEF2007-1651.pdf

 8 Nobel Peace Prize 2007 to IPCC
 Concerning  Sh Rajendra K Pachauri-ex-IRSME of  in   (2007/10/16)
Nobel peace prize 2007, has been awarded to IPCC (Inter-Governmental Panel on Climate Change), the UN body headed by Sh Rajendra K Pachauri, who is an ex-IRSME Indian Railway Service of Mechanical Engineers) officer.
He passed out from Special Class Railway Apprentices (SCRA) course from Indian Railways Institute of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering, Jamalpur, Bihar, India. Before leaving for higher studies in the United states, he served as an IRSME officer in the Diesel Locomotive Works, Varanasi, India.

 9 Presentation made by A K Kathpal in UIC Conference
 Concerning  A K Kathpal of RDSO  in   (2007/07/21)
A.K.Kathpal makes presentation in UIC Conference on 'Railways and Biofuel' held at Paris on 5th July 07

Biofuel is becoming one of the key issues at European and world level in increasing sustainable mobility and raising the share of renewable energy use for transport. In 2007, UIC started a project that aimed at collecting experiences and possibilities of the use of Biofuel in Railway operation.
UIC commissioned ATOC to undertake this project and to produce the first UIC Biofuel Report, with results and data from main stakeholders and Railways all over the world.

The above Report and the project results were presented and discussed in a one day Workshop on 'Railways and Biofuel' held on 5th July at UIC Headquarters, Paris. Questions of economical and marketing benefits, legal framework and taxation as well as technical feasibility of the use of Biofuel in Railway operations and CDMs for Kyoto Protocol were presented in the Workshop.

Since Indian Railways have done lot of work in carrying out optimisation trials with Bio-Diesel on RDSO Diesel Engine test bed and have also done extensive field trials in Swaran Shatabdi and Jan Shatabdi trains and have also set up transesterification plants and are using Bio-Diesel blends regularly in some of Railways, a special invitation was sent to Mr. A.K. Kathpal, Executive Director, Engine Development to make a presentation on 'Indian Railways - A Case Study'.
Because of the pioneer work done by Indian Railways, the above presentation by Mr. Kathpal was very well received by the audience from all the World Railways and Locomotive / Engine manufacturers . The copy of presentation by Mr. Kathpal and other speakers as well as the copy of Final report on 'Railways and Bio-fuel' (including the status of Indian Railways) is at following link below.
 URL link

 10 Shri A.K. Kathpal included in the 'Experts List Diesel Traction' of UIC
  For details please click the link below.
A.K. Kathpal, who has been recently transferred to N.E. Rly. in the Cadre, had been working as Executive Director in Engine Development Directorate of RDSO. In Nov. 2006, his nomination was approved by Railway Board in B208, the Diesel Engines Specialist Committee of UIC (International Union of Railways having its headquarter at Paris, France), for joint working by UIC member countries on 'Emission Reduction of existing as well as new Diesel Engine Rolling Stocks'. The committee is also engaged in the Technical Review of EC 26/2006 (future Emission limits IIIB and test cycle to be applied for Diesel locomotives). Kathpal subsequently attended the Quarterly meetings of B208 specialists committee held in December 2006 at Brussels, Belgium and in March 2007 & May 2007 at Paris, France.

In the last meeting held in May 2007, the name of Shri A.K. Kathpal has been included in the 'Experts List Diesel Traction' of UIC and same has been uploaded on the UIC website at link given below.
The above approval has been possible because of the contribution made by Kathpal in the Specialists committee of UIC and his knowledge in the field of Diesel traction. With the above nomination, Kathpal is now entitled to supervise Emission control tests of locomotives according to Leaflet 624 and the conformity tests as per Leaflet 623.
It is worth noting from the above list of specialists that the list contains the names of only Europeans and one American and Kathpal is the only non-European and American person.
 URL link

 11 Ashwani Lohani figures in Limca book of Records
 Concerning  Ashwani Lohani of IR  in   (2007/01/11)
Ashwani Lohani presently working as Managing Director, Madhya Pradesh Tourism is from the 1980 batch of IRSME. A qualified chartered Mechanical Engineer, he has degree equivalence in four engineering disciplines, namely, Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Metallurgical Engineering and Electronics & Telecommunication Engineering besides being a fellow of the Chartered Institute of Logistics & Transport.

He has done pioneering work in the field of heritage, especially railway heritage. He is credited with the revival of the National Rail Museum, New Delhi during his tenure as its Director and for setting a Guiness World Record in 1998 by running the Fairy Queen Express hauled by the oldest working steam locomotive in the world. He also successfully piloted the nomination of the Darjeeling Himalayan Railway as a World Heritage Site and again during his stint as the Director of Tourism, Govt of India successfully piloted the nomination of the Mahabodhi Temple at Bodhgaya as a World Heritage site. He is also credited for setting many firsts in the country in the field of application of Information Technology for Tourism facilitation and museum management. Besides writing book on Railways, he has received many awards and accolades during his distinguished career. On 12th September, 2006 he has won the Limca National Record for his technical qualifications.

The text of the Record certificate states as below:

Ashwani Lohani, Managing Director, MP Tourism Development Corporation Ltd completed four engineering degrees from the Institute of Engineers, Kolkata from 1977-1979 at the age of 21. He will be featured in the 2007 edition of the Limca Book of Records.

Vijaya Ghose

dated Sept 12, 2006

 12 Emerald Literati Excellence Award for Excellence, 2006 awarded to Sh. Deepak Tripathi, IRSME
  Click for further details
Shri Deepak Tripathi,IRSME, Director I&L/RDSO/Mumbai has completed Doctorate Fellow Programme from NITIE, Mumbai in the area of Operations and Quality Management.
He has presented research papers in three international conferences, two national level journals and over that three pretigious internatioal journals, which are International Journal of Quality and Reliability Management (IJQRM of Emerald, U.K.); International Journal of Productivity and Performance Management (IJPPM of Emerald, U.K) and Total Quality Manamgement and Business Excellence (TQM &BE of Taylor and Francis, U.K.)
For his oustanding contributions, he has been awarded "EMERALD LITERATI EXCELLENCE AWARD FOR EXCELLENCE, 2006), which is conferred to three highly commended papers published internationally in previous 12 months.
For further details please contact:
Shri Deepak Tripathi,IRSME
Director,I&L, RDSO Mumbai

 13 Scholarship for MSc by Belgian Government-One out of 10 selected worldwide
  Click to see full details
 Concerning  Tarun Huria of IRIMEE  in   (2006/07/22)
Tarun Huria,IRSME has been offered a partial scholarship by the the Belgian Government (Ministry of Flanders) to pursue MSc in Transport and Maritime Management (MTMM) from the University of Antwerp (Belgium). He is one of 10 students selected worldwide for the scholarship.
for further details please contact:

Prof Tarun Huria, IRSME
Department of Diesel Traction
Indian Railways' Institute of Mechanical & Electrical Engineering
Jamalpur 811 214
File email_flanders.pdf

 14 University of Melbourne, Australia accepts paper for Australian Institute of Energy National Conference 2006
  Click to see full details
 Concerning  Tarun Huria of IRIMEE  in   (2006/07/22)
Paper by Tarun Huria, titled 'Emission Trading For Indian Railways: Case Study:Fuel Cell Train' has been accepted for presentation at the Australian Institute of Energy National Conference 2006 at the University of Melbourne, Australia.
The letter of acceptance can be seen in the file attached below.
For further details please contact:
Prof Tarun Huria, IRSME
Department of Diesel Traction
Indian Railways' Institute of Mechanical & Electrical Engineering
Jamalpur 811 214
File HuriaT_Acceptance.pdf

 15 Shri Sunil Bajpai,IRSME tops the IIPA programme
  Click to see the full details
Shri Sunil Bajpai,IRSME has topped the 30TH Advanced Professional Programme in Public Administration 2005-06, at the Indian Institute of Public Administration (IIPA), New Delhi.

 16 Sharad Saxena,IRSME joins Oxford University for Masters on Environment Management
  Click to get further details
Sharad Saxena, IRSME is spending an year at Oxford doing Masters on Environment Management. The study is funded by the University and the Govt of India.
For further details please contact him at:
Linacre College
St.Cross Road
Oxford OX1 3JA
Ph. res: +44 870 276 0456 Mob: +44 7910106909

 17 Shri Shyam Sunder,ex-IRSME officer heads U.S. accounting association
  Please visit the given link for details
 Concerning  Shri Shyam Sunder of  in   (2005/12/03)
For further details please visit:

 18 R.K.Upadhyay-Award photograph
  R.K.Upadhyay gets best Innovation award
 Concerning  R.K.Upadhyay of NF  in   (2004/07/23)
Click on the link above to have a look at the award certificate
File Award-RKU.pdf

 19 R.K.Upadhyay gets best Innovation award
  R.K.Upadhyay gets the Innovation award for the best paper on Innovation in the Railway Industry
 Concerning  R.K.Upadhyay of NF  in   (2004/07/20)
Shri R.K.Upadhyay,IRSME, has been awarded with the Innovation award for the best paper on Innovation in the Railway Industry by the Railway Gazette International. This was awarded during The 7th International Conference and Exhibition (6-7 July 2004), at London. The awarded paper can be downloaded from the link given above.

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