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 1 Various useful circulars related to Railnet/ Broadband/ Wireless/ CUG/ Mobile
Order No Various
Issued By RB
Issue Date 18/09/2011

Following are few of the useful circulars regarding Broadband/ Wireless/ Railnet/ Email/ CUG etc. A brief description of the ciculars is given below, which are available in the links given below:

1. Wireless/ Broadband facility for residence of Officers:
2. Cordless phones for SG/ JAG officers at Residence
3. Retention of Mobile handphones.
4. Provision of Mobile CUG on Indian Railways
5. Using Mobile During Deputation Abroad
6. Railnet Connectivity in Railway undertakings
7. Only Railnet for Email Official Communication
8. Email Ids in domain
9. Provision of Railnet connection in all offices of IR

 File link Broadband_facility_for_residence_RB_Tele_2_2010.pdf
 File link Cordless_phones_for_SG_JAG_officers_RB-Tele-5-2010.pdf
 File link
 File link Only_Railnet_for_Email_Official_Communication_RB-Tele-4-2011.pdf
 File link Provision_of_Mobile_CUG_on_Indian_Railways_RB-Tele-01-2011.pdf
 File link Provision_of_Railnet_connection_in_all_offices_of_IR_RB-Tele-7-2011.pdf
 File link Railnet_Connectivity_in_Railway_undertakings_RB-Tele-03-2011.pdf
 File link Retention_of_Mobile_handphones_RB-Tele-6-2010.pdf
 File link Using_Mobile_During_Deputation_Abroad_RB-Tele-02-2011.pdf

Records 1 to 1 of 1